Interactive imaging 3D viewer

Timelapse thermography

The purpose of this experimental app is to display in an online medium, imaging data recorded over a long time at fixed interval (time lapse) on an object's surface, correlated with the 3D digitized data of that object.

The presented object is a fresco made for experimental studies, with various hidden defects and traces of candle smoke and other substances. The imaging method used in this test was an IR thermal camera which was set to record an area of the surface for several hours at fixed intervals of 15 minutes. The measurements were carried out outside.

During the time lapse recording, a data logger was placed in the proximity to record temperature and relative humidity values of the environment, at the same time intervals.

Records interval: 15 minutes

Total records: 21

Please wait a few seconds for the data to load up.

Associated data

Time stamp (hh:mm):

Environment data


Relative humidity:

Imaging data

The central area is where the 3D model is displayed. Commands: LMB - rotation/orbit; RMB - panning; MMB - zoom in/out.

The scroll bar shows the current position in the time interval. Move the carriage to change the data displayed.